What is EventScan?

A state-of-the-art Exhibition Lead Retrieval System


EventScan is a state-of-the-art, fast and easy system for exhibitors to record contact information.
The Lead technology runs with an app and uses a high quality bar code scanner attached to an iOS mobile device (iPod touch).

Configure products and services before the congress through an online portal.

Connect the barcode scanners via the dock connector to an iOS device and take advantage of the fast and advanced scanning experience.

Immediate access to visitors contact information (name, address and profile information) by scanning their badge with an iPod touch.

See visitors contact information on the device right after scanning the badge.

Complete missing contact information on the spot, take notes and automate follow-up activities.

Quick scan mode for scanning delegates at industry and satellite symposia.

No Wifi needed for the actual scanning process onsite.

If Wifi is available, data is synchronized continuously.

Download all data into an Excel file.

User-friendly, light and easy.

Why use EventScan?

Fast on- or off-line scanning


EventScan has numerous benefits for resellers and exhibitors.

Benefits for resellers

System is compatible with any registration system via interfaces and import options.

Badges can be printed with your standard registration system.

Scope of transferable visitor data is defined by the organizer.

The system can be implemented regardless of event location.

Web-based interface can be branded to the event.

Benefits for the exhibitor or industry symposia

User-friendly, light and easy.

The scanners connected to an iOS device allow exhibitors to be mobile within their reception areas.

Web-based interface to set up products and services with control panel to access visitors data.

On- or off-line scanning is possible, fast scan for symposia.

Data is available as soon as the synchronization is finished.

Compatible with any registration system

What options are available ?

Booth or symposia system

Scan options

Scan and add details (Booth system)

The visitor is effortlessly saved into your individual database. Additionally, data, comments, products and interests can be added.

Symposia scan (Symposium system)

The visitor is effortlessly saved into your individual database, but the rental period is limited. Used for special occasions like company satellite or raffle.

Immediate access to visitors contact information

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